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    ATV TV GAME SHOW 1 VS. 100 (以一敵百)

    The international hit game show "1 vs. 100" (以一敵百) came to Asia Television Limited (ATV) Hong Kong as a nightly event hosted by famous Hong Kong Lyricist, Wyman Wong. "1 vs. 100" is a trivia game show with success in many countries.

    • Give views of ATV's game show 1 vs. 100 an opportunity to signup as a in-studio contestant
    • Play a nightly trivia contest from home
    • Multi-Round SMS Trivia
    • Daily SMS Quiz
    1. Multi-Round SMS Trivia

    Recruitment of TV contestants were asked to text ‘ATV’ to a premium short code 507818, which initiated XGATE’s interactive SMS trivia engine. The XGATE mobile marketing platform and SMS gateway connects to all 6 mobile operators in Hong Kong. Players answering 2 correct trivia questions in a row were eligible to for a pre-screening interview. Recruitment efforts continued into the launch of the game show in Sept, where viewers were prompted at the beginning of each show to text “ATV” to 507818.

    2. Daily SMS Quiz

    In the final segment of the show, home viewers could participate in a SMS trivia quiz. Each quiz started at 9:00pm and ended at 12am midnight. Home players who selected the correct answer were entered into an instant drawing for a $1,000 prize, where winners were announced the following day. This enhanced the excitement of the in-studio game play by allowing consumer to vie for cash prizes at home.

    XGATE powered the mobile marketing components of the show, responsible for delivering and collecting all of the SMS entries, for both the in-studio recruitment and the nightly home participants SMS quiz. Both XGATE and ATV handled the random selection of the winner and was displayed at the end of the next day’s show.

    This interactive SMS TV game was the first of it kind to be launched in Hong Kong and proved a very successful case for mobile marketing.

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