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Customer Lifecycle

XGATE Customer Lifecycle Approach
A step by step approach to empower marketers with the tools and framework to attract visitors,
nurture leads, turn leads to sales, and customers to promoters.
  • Adopt a customer segmented approach to target your audience and attract them to your landing sites and pages
  • To target the “right” people and attract the potential customers, we can use Facebook/social media, keywords, display ads, blogs and offline media to attract new visitors to your website, fan page or microsite
  • Site visits, time spent, pages viewed, search keywords, click-to-open rate, click-through-rate etc
  • Convert visitors to leads by gathering their contact information such as mobile or email
  • Use benefits driven content like ebooks, whitepapers, or tips to exchange for customer data
  • For leads generation, embed Calls-to-Actions buttons or links in email, short codes, QR codes, landing pages and mini-sites to capture your customer data
  • Web survey forms are also useful in retail outlets or exhibitions to collect data
  • The data collected needs to be analyzed to produce business intelligence that can support marketing decisions
  • Number of responses, quality of the data, number of leads, conversions per lead, cost per lead, cost per lead versus another channel etc
  • Nurture potential leads into customers by encouraging adoption of products or services
  • Create different type of content to assess and apply lead scoring to take the guesswork out of the process for assessing a lead’s readiness to make a purchase
  • Design workflow for automated campaign triggers to target prospects with varying degrees of purchase intent and convert the leads into sales
  • Number of customers making purchase online/retail stores, average transaction amount, lead to sales conversion rate etc
  • Motivate customers to become advocates for the brand
  • Enhance brand loyalty and product experience to stimulate word-of-mouth or viral marketing
  • Introduce loyalty programs to reward customers and improve their loyalty over time
  • Measure & track brand or product performance and use those insights to create up-sell & cross-sell opportunities
  • Harvest customer usage data and response to initiate referral campaigns or email viral marketing
  • Number of times a product is consumed, number of referrals, NPS, click-through-rate for rewards, frequency of redemption etc
  • Identify defecting customers and retain them through retention strategy to reduce their propensity to leave
  • Filter out inactive customers who have not purchased within a specific period of time and target them with Win Back automation campaign to reduce churn.
  • Number of inactive customers become engaged, customer churn rate, win back conversion rate etc

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