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Digital Marketing Services

XGATE's Digital Marketing Services (DMS) platform provides large-scale multimedia messaging capabilities covering Email, Mobile, Social, and the Web.

How Can XGATE Digital Marketing Service (DMS)
Platform Help You?


The Value For You

More Time
With multichannel marketingautomation, you spend less time tracking performances and more time planning for your next campaign over a cup of coffee
Better Control
From leads generation to sales conversion and CRM marketing, all your campaigns are managed in a single environment to give you full control of your business
Faster ROI
With more data-driven insights of your campaign performance, you can improve your marketing to achieve better results and that means faster ROI

How DMS Platform offers marketers
an easy way to manage digital campaigns?
Manage Your Own Database
XGATE’s data & list Management features make it easy for marketers to work with customer and prospect data on-demand, and without the need for IT support or a DB administrator.
  • Manage an unlimited number of lists with easy importing from Excel, .csv/.txt, or formats
  • Automatic email and mobile address de-duplication, bad address check, and comparison against suppression suspended lists
  • Automatically incorporates campaign activity & real-time tracking results (ie. Opens, bounces, clicks, clicks on a specific link, non-activity, etc.) into lists
  • Smart bounce and complaint feedback handling
  • Built-in List hygiene, multi-channel data rescue, contact re-engagement tools
  • Real-time database Segmentation using Target Engine
  • Limit over sending / db fatigue by daily, weekly or monthly message frequency caps
  • Add additional recipients to a list or update/Merge field values at any time
  • Detailed Activity History - view historical data on a per contact basis

Utilize Multichannel for Promotion
Deliver your messages across various consumer touch points using a combination of email, mobile (SMS, iSMS, MMS) web landing pages, social media etc. With the alignment of basic customer identification strategies, and segmented treatment plans, marketers can leverage DMS's multiple channels and unique cross-channel benefits to help them manage the customer experience and deliver on the brand promise.

XGATE's DMS Multi-channel value propositions include:
  • Single control point for email, mobile and Web landing pages
  • Automatically save channel & contact history and contact information
  • Target engine segmentation and automatic scoring of high-value customers, allowing for more deliberate and frequent direct customer interactions
  • Develop campaigns with cross-channel benefits for unique multi-channel value proposition, convenience and information benefits

Add Interactivity to Campaigns
Xgate's interactive mobile marketing (iSMS) module is now integrated within our digital marketing services (DMS) platform. Choose between the various mobile channels (SMS, Premium short codes (PSMS Asia Pacific), IVR and MMS), and setup and launch your own mobile marketing campaigns including:
  • SMS Trivia & Quiz (Single or Multi-round with Points/Prize Engine)
  • Voting & Poll (Single or Multi-Round)
  • Code Match (Instant Win & Prize Pool with Prize Engine)
  • Pull Services & Alerts (text-2-win, Mobile Subscription, Info on Demand)
  • Coupon Generator (mCoupons, mTicket)

One on One Communications with the Masses
From campaign creation to management, Xgate’s allows our clients to easily launch interactive 2-way SMS marketing and mobile marketing campaigns in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific that can stimulate participation and build loyalty.
Create Promotional Message With Ease
Quickly design your own email and SMS templates using our WYSIWYG HTML and text editor, Smart Block features (Click and Insert)- Personalization, Click Tracking, Images, Unsubscribe, Forward-to-a-Friend etc and other easy to use message creation tools.
  • Various Message creation methods including WYSIWYG editor, HTML and Text Editor, Pre-made Templates or import your own
  • Step by step walkthrough with email wizard-driven interface
  • UEM and CAN-SPAM compliant footers, including Unsubscribe and Sender Info
  • Smart Block - Message Personalization available including use of custom Data Fields
  • Smart Block - Embed custom trackable links in your email with the Link Tracker
  • Online storage - Uploading and storage of image files
  • Message Preview – Check message layout & Spam Score, send test messages before launch to ensure proper message rendering across various web, desktop and mobile clients

Avoid the Spam Box
As the volume of unsolicited mail continues to grow, ISPs have been forced to take extraordinary measures to protect their networks. Unfortunately, the ISPs filtering and anti-spam software used to thwart spam, is making delivery of legitimate permission-based email to the inbox increasingly more and more difficult. XGATE recognizes that ensuring your email messages are successfully delivered is just as essential as the message it contains. Our enhanced Email Deliverability Services includes:
  • ISP reputation management - Dedicated channel deliverability team for inbox monitoring & spam resolution, complaint ratios and whitelisting with all major ISP
  • DMS emails adheres to all major sender authentication polices (SPF, DKIM and SenderID)
  • Predefined sending rules to prevent list fatigue / over sending by daily, weekly or monthly message frequency caps
  • Verified Mail header domains
  • Email testing and Scoring - Inbox Testing, Spam Score with Spam Assassin

Track Response in Real-Time
Monitor real-time email metrics for your email marketing campaigns such as open rates, bounced, forward-to-a-friend, clicks, unsubscribes, etc and SMS metrics such as delivery and expiry rates, helping marketers to identify high and low performing customer segments.

Know who forwarded emails to their friends, who unsubscribed to your list, which members reported your email as SPAM, etc and better understand your customers to develop strategies that grow your list.
Create Automated Messages
XGATE's automated messages support List, Date and Behaviour Based triggered campaigns. Use triggers to send subscribers automatic emails on birthdays, new list members, membership renewal dates, particular click links, and more. You can set up automated message based on email behavior, such as:
  • Welcome Message - New sign-ups to your list
  • Follow up Email - for those who click through on a particular message
  • Message Remail - Send a remail for unopened emails with a new subject line based a certain amount of time, etc
  • Also use your contact fields in your database to send automated mailings like:
  • Birthday Emailing - Offer a great discount on their birthday
  • Balance Updates - Send emails with dynamic balance field at the end of each month. ie. Loyalty point programs
  • Subscription based "renewal" reminders - time-saving and essential automated prompts to renew previous actions this time la this time last year
  • Gift Reminders - Setup reminders around special occasions and previous purchases. ie. Bought flowers last year, remind them that her birthday is coming around and offer more gift ideas
  • Product Reviews - Get customer feedback for items purchased or attended events after x number of days later

Directly Integrate with CRM
XGATE knows the more you integrate and automate your email marketing campaigns, the more value you can realize over time. Let our team of technical experts help you achieve customer data and web analytics integration. Integrate with CRM and sales force applications solutions like and leading web analytics to leverage your organization's CRM Data and aligning sales and marketing goals.
  • XGATE API set for users who require custom messaging statistics and customer data and web analytics integration
  • Real-time, application level data integration with other best-of-breed enterprise applications.


DMS Platform provides integrated, large- scale multimedia messaging capabilities covering Email, Mobile, Web and Social

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DMS Service Descriptions
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